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Children living in poverty are more likely to feel like a failure and have a sense of hopeless about their future than their more affluent peers. And they have a more significant risk of developing mental health problems, low income, debt and poor housing put children's mental health at risk. This is a frightening reality for millions of children.

Children play an important role in household escapes from poverty, which can reduce investments in the human development. As such, empowering children by building their knowledge about their life skills and support them to participate in decision making processes may have intrinsic benefit but could be largely Ineffective for poverty reduction without also empowering poor and vulnerable families.


Children with disabilities must be enabled to meaningfully participate in all their decisions relating to their care arrangements, including education. The lack of inclusive education has been a major driving force behind the institutionalization of children with disabilities. In the absence of inclusive schools in the community, parents are often compelled to place their children in an institution with the misconceived expectation that they receive at least some form of education. In an effort to support children with disabilities, we carry out the following activities:
1. Sensitize the public to be aware of the full potentials of persons with disabilities.
2. Improve the provision of basic education, vocational training and non-formal education to children with disabilities. 3. Promote and achieve self-confidence of persons with disabilities.
4. Advocacy on the rights and equal opportunities for persons with additional needs.
5. Empowering children with disabilities through training.
6. Promote Inclusive Education. We are working very hard to establish an inclusive system of education where children with disabilities can freely learn, interact and socialize with the other ordinary children with different abilities.

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